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Telephone: 06 81 64 69 70

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Have you ever dreamed of flying free like a bird?

        Well we can make those very dreams come true!

Big flights over Courchevel, La Tania and Meribel on the latest high performance tandem paraglider.

Flights of 1000 vertical metres.

Time taken for each flight: 1 hour (including vehicle transport).

Duration of flight: in the air for 10 to 20 minutes or more, depending on conditions.

Take-off: Always on foot in summer.

Paraglider: Latest high performance tandem glider, 41 sq. metres surface area. Weight range: 130 to 220 Kg. Tested to 1.8 tonnes.

Passenger can take the controls during flight.

Equipped with reserve parachute.


Pilot qualifications:
- Ministère de la Jeunesse et des Sports: Attestation de Qualification et d’Aptitude. (For teaching paragliding)

- Syndicat National des Pilotes et Professionnels de I’Aviation Légère;
 Déclaration de Niveau de Compétence, Transport de Personnes en parapente.

- Fédération Française de Vol Libre; Qualification Biplace Parapente.

- Fédération Française de Parachutisme; Pilote Porteur Tandem Parapente.

- British Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association; Instructor and Dual Pilot.

Insurance: The pilot is insured through the Fédération Française de Vol Libre, to fly with one passenger at a time.

Public liability for physical and material damage to a limit of €5 million. (euros)

 Price for flights in 2017: € 120 (euros) per flight, cash, cheques or credit cards welcome.

All flights subject to weather conditions; reservations may be cancelled or changed due to unsuitable flying conditions. My advice: book early in the week to be sure of flying, the end of the week could be fully booked or the weather may prevent us.

Flying a paraglider in tandem with a highly qualified and very experienced pilot is not dangerous. Statistically less dangerous than; for example; skiing, cycling etc. For passengers to feel afraid in flight is very rare, it’s more a feeling of freedom and exhilaration, the ultimate dream of flying finally realised. Craig will adapt each flight to the “excitement threshold” of each passenger (co-pilot). Express your feelings, enjoy your holiday, I look forward to flying with you. 



 Telephone: +33 (0) 681 646 970

e-mail: craig@paraglide-alps.com

Address: Craig Jenkins, 3 Impasse des Grangettes, 73400 Marthod, France.